ROYAL PURPLE 10036 Royal Purple Synthetic Gun Oil 4 oz. Can


Royal Purple 10036 Synthetic Gun Oil 4oz. Can

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If you’re a hunter, gun enthusiast or own one for protection, Royal Purple has developed high performance synthetic Gun Oil that is perfect for your needs. Royal Purple Gun Oil is specifically formulated to provide exceptional wear protection as well as protection against rust and saltwater corrosion. It also prevents fouling.

World Champion Sporting Clay Shooter and Elite Shooting School Instructor Bobby Fowler, Jr. said, “I’ve tried every gun lube out there. None of them compare to Royal Purple (gun oil).”

Royal Purple’s synthetic gun oil works well in a variety of temperatures and will not thicken in cold weather. Its performance advantages come from Synerlec, Royal Purple’s propriety chemical technology that strengthens the oil for unmatched performance and protection. No other gun oil is available with Synerlec technology.

In addition to gun applications, Royal Purple’s synthetic gun oil can also be used for other applications such as fishing tackle, locks hinges and more.


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